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Amortization Calculator
This is a simple calculator that shows you the balance of your loan over the length of the loan. It also shows you what amount of your payment is interest, and what amount is being applied to the principal. The difference between the payment amount and the interest amount, is the figure being applied to the principal. As you can see, in the beginning more of your payment is used towards paying the interest of the loan then paying off the balance. View the Bi-Weekly calculator to see how making payments every 4 weeks instead of every month can save you thousands of dollars or take years off the term of the loan.
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“If you're looking for a mortgage loan or to refinance like we did, you won't be disappointed with Shant. Not only did he find us the best rate, but he's truly a pleasure to work with. Shant's very helpful and meticulous; He walked us through the process and answered all of our questions promptly and earnestly. We highly recommend him and would happily turn to Shant again for our future mortgage needs!”
~ MinHee K.
"I engaged SKR Capital to refinance my home loan. Shant K. handled my loan, and he was professional from start to finish. Not only was he able to execute a great rate for me, but he made the loan process smooth. He is a very competent loan broker, and I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a loan."
~ Jonathan H.
“Finally....I met a mortgage broker I can enthusiastically recommend to my friends and family. Shant delivered everything he promised... a great rate, a prompt rate lock, closing on time, and the fees were exactly as he indicated in our initial telephone conversation. On top of all that, Shant responded immediately when I had a question and his answers were helpful and knowledgeable. I am a very critical person and I can honestly say that Shant exceeded my expectations.”
~ Michael A.